hole in the ice

On July 18th, 1992, Tom Ianniello (guitar & vocals), and his friend Duke McVinnie (bass), and his other friend Jimmy Powers (harmonica), got together to do a set at the Iguana Cafe, a dark little storefront venue in North Hollywood. It was very hot and airless, mostly because the owner was a cheap bastard. Whatever. Another friend, Andrew Lorand, recorded the set.
After 28 years of demands and needling by Andrew, Tom finally agreed to release this CD with the help of another friend, Mark Humphreys, benevolent dictator of Trough Records. So, this is the result. 10 songs recorded live, available on CD or as a digital download. You should get it now, because these guys are all getting old and social security just isn't cutting it.

The songs:

fred the worm
pickin' on me
church bizarre
bedpan mama
you don't have to know me
marriage song
pieces of the puzzle
walk and don't walk
ain't nothin' at all
hole in the ice

all songs copyright (c) 1992, 2020 Tom Ianniello, except for the song "church bizarre", (c) Tom Ianniello & Duke McVinnie.
produced by Andrew Lorand


TRCP 1327

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What people say about "hole in the ice" 


Tom Ianniello's CD "Hole In The Ice" is not like anything else that you will find in a record store or on the streaming services. It is a unique experience. A deep, sometimes dark, often profane, artistic statement that is sometimes unsettling but never uninteresting. Tom is also a consummate musician firmly rooted in jazz and blues but never content to stay within the boundaries of those genres. He is always stretching, reaching for something surprising. I highly recommend that you give it a listen
Honest John


A native of New York, New York, Tom Ianniello brought his guitar and his dreams to Los Angeles in the mid 1970s. A master of folk, jazz and rock guitar and a songwriter of funny, sad, twisted and emotional songs, Tom somehow found himself the owner of a coffeehouse in North Hollywood he named The Iguana Café – which for more than 5 1/2 years stood as one of the most influential venues in Southern California for artists, musicians, poets, actors – famous, soon-to-be-famous or never-to-be-famous – to gather, perform, play and be themselves. Tom rarely performed his own music at The Iguana, but one hot July night in 1992, he played an entire set of his own, with Duke McVinnie on bass and Jimmy Powers on harmonica – and it was recorded. And it was preserved for 28 years until it was unearthed and released in the Spring of 2020 as the album HOLE IN THE ICE. Now the world can know all about this amazing man who did so much for so many – and hear his music in his own voice.
Mark Humphreys
Trough Records


"The ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function” was praised by, among others, F. Scott Fitzgerald. By this yardstick, and most yardsticks, the music of Tom Ianniello is a huge success. A casual listener might assume that the songs were meant to be played in a sweaty, garishly-and-colorfully-lit space beneath a striped canopy on a carnival midway, a few yards from the reptile display, for people to dance to--working-class folks who came to the carnival for fun, were drawn to the live music, bought something to drink, and spent the rest of the night doing Charlestons and waltzes until the wee hours. And that’s what Tom’s songs DO sound like (and an excellent setting for a live appearance by Tom). But they also are drenched in heartbreak, things gone horribly wrong, lives spiraling down the drain, apples full of worms. Which is perhaps exactly what songs should be drenched in, if you’re dancing to them at a carnival at 2 a.m. with a partner you’re desperately trying to hang on to or, maybe, get rid of. Oh, and his songs are often quite funny as well. So Tom, with his songwriting, guitar playing and singing chops, is more than capable of holding a number of opposed ideas and juggling them for our immense pleasure. I recommend listening to his album Hole in the Ice repeatedly.
Phil Ward
Guitar Comic
Currently on PBS stations around the country, using funny songs to get you to donate your car.



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