You know, I've talked to people who've said that a website about an artist or musician, or whatever, needs photos.  Really? Yeah, you've got to do it, everybody does. It's a standard thing, you have no choice.  Normally, I don't react so well when someone implies that I have no choice.  But, you can't fight every fight, sometimes you've got to relax, go with the flow, take the path of least resistance, be part of the group.  Well okay, fine.   So I tore through my attic, basement, and that closet that nobody has been in for ages, and I've come up with these.  So, here are three photos spanning 50 years, I hope you're happy...

1970 - Brooklyn, NY 1994 - North Hollywood, CA 2020 - Penfield, NY
     If it was me coming to this website for the first time I would be very skeptical if it was suggested that I should follow every link on the site.  I would be like, wow, really? Who the hell does this guy think he is?  What could possibly be here that's so interesting?  I could be sorting my socks right now.   And, keeping that in mind, I'm suggesting that that's exactly what you should do.  There's lots of cool stuff happening here, at least I think so, that's why I made this website in the first place.  That was a very long night, let me tell you.  But, then there might be folks who might be interested in specific things only.   So, what you have here are summaries all of the pages on this site.  Check it out, you're here already. 


music - downloads & CDs - This first one is pretty self-explanatory.  You can hear songs, download tracks, purchase CDs, upcoming events, the usual for a site like this.  

the iguana cafe - What was once a pretty cool little original music and spoken word venue in North Hollywood, CA.  The best but also hardest job I ever had.  Honest.  Really.

coins & collectibles  - Featuring coins, toys, ephemera, and other vintage & antique collectibles. A place that is always changing, because I'm buying and selling all of the time. A great shop for unique gifts, and some cool goodies for yourself.

my zazzle store - An online store featuring t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, and more.  Original designs that are funny, politically very left of center and very 1st amendment.  Choose from thousands of items.  Also known as exileguy's emporium.

contact - This is where you'll find all the usual stuff, email, snail mail, plus links to people and things I like.


"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."  ~ Denis Diderot



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