The Tony Gambino Show
volume 1


1. I blame Trump 04:09 
2. Socially Distant 03:05 
3. Trump, hydrochloroquine, and big macs 04:11 
4. Trump's face mask 03:07

The Tony Gambino Show volume 1 is a collection of 4 podcasts from radio free exile. Tony is the best known businessman in Penfield, NY, and is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump and all right-wing nut jobs. Tony is not afraid to take a stand against all that he sees as a threat to the 1st Amendment and liberal values.  

Theme song written and performed by Dan Bern.  Instrumental music by the Sisters of the Reluctant Messiah.

produced by Tom Ianniello



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Tony Gambino is the most renowned and respected citizen of Penfield, NY. He is the proprietor of Gambino Savings & Loan, a real people's bank that reaches out to its customers wherever they may be. 
Tony is also the President of The Penfield Anathema Foundation, fostering misanthropy and discord in a hurting world. 
He has also founded The Penfield Anchovy Association, The Penfield Pink Plastic Flamingo Sanctuary, and is a Deacon at The Church Of The Reluctant Messiah. 
You'll often find Tony out and about, visiting with his neighbors, offering financial guidance, giving free legal advice, and handing out free bags of anchovies.
And, on top of it all, Tony Gambino does his podcast. 
You do need to listen to and download "The Tony Gambino Show." Honest. Really. 


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